Sadie Holmes – Wait Till Your Father Leaves

I had just gotten up for school and all i could think about was my sexy mom’s perfect body and i knew i need to play with her some more. I found mom in the kitchen and i just flat out asked her if she could help me cum again before school, she nearly shocked when i asked her. Mom looked scared and made sure dad was still in his room. She said no and that yesterday was a one time thing. I begged and told her that i did better and school and she agreed that i did good on a quiz yesterday. Mom got a serious look on her face and told me to wait till my father leaves and then she would meet me in my room. When dad was gone mom came into my room wearing a short bathrobe, she said we needed to figure something else out because she didn’t have time to rinse the lube off her butt like yesterday or she would be late for work. I hesitantly asked her if she could use her hands and she agreed! After a few minutes i got mom to loose the robe and so she jerked me off wearing nothing but her bra and panties.


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