Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s Cuck Of A Son

Sit down sweetie. Mommy has some explaining to do. I wasn’t expecting you to come home this early. I know you’re very confused by what you just walked into. Especially seeing a strange man leave our home & finding mommy dressed in this very provocative outfit. The truth is, I took on a job working as an escort part time at night. Yes, it’s true.
Haven’t you noticed Mommy buying you more things lately? And what about that vacation I just booked for the two of us? Didn’t you wonder where that extra money came from? Mommy’s been working overtime. And I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoyed sleeping with all those men for money. I’m your mommy but I also love sex. What’s the big deal if I get paid for it too? What? What’s that? Oh so now you’re curious as to what I did with that strange man tonight. You want details. Something tells me you’re getting aroused hearing mommy talk about being a dirty whore. Mommy smells of sex right now. I bet I still have some of his cum in my pussy. I want you to suck it out. You’re going to be Mommy’s cuckold boy. I want you to watch me get fucked by strange men who pay me & then you clean mommy’s pussy up afterwards. I let them fuck me in my ass too. You’ll have double cleaning duties. I want you to start right now. Mommy’s getting horny again. I may need to cum once more tonight with my cuck of a son.


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