Natalie Wonder – Feel Mommy’s Warm Mouth

I can’t believe you caught me doing that. I’m so embarrassed! You walked in right as I was on my knees pleasuring your Father. Sweetie you must of been shocked to see Mommy doing such a dirty deed. Wait what? What do you mean you don’t know what it was? Honey, don’t you know what mommy was doing to daddy? Oh come on now, don’t act innocent! Wow, so you really don’t know. Okay well, this is sort of strange for me to talk about with you but we should have an open, honest relationship. I was sucking daddy’s dick. I’m quite good at it you know. Mommy loves having a hard, throbbing dick in her mouth like that.
Oh my gosh, I got carried away sweetie. I must not talk like that in front of you. What’s that? You want to know if mommy’s given head to a lot of other men? Well, don’t tell your father, but yes I have. I love doing it. I can take a dick really deep down my throat. Oh my, I see you’re getting very aroused sweetie. You like hearing mommy talk about this, don’t you?
You want Mommy to do what? Wow, sweetie I’m flattered but are you sure you want me to do it to you? Mmmmm okay then. Mommy’s warm mouth won’t disappoint you, trust me.


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