Madison Stone – Son Worships Mom: Graduation Gift

It’s your last day of school and we need to celebrate! I’m so impressed by you and thought instead of buying you a gift maybe I can surprise you with something more exciting. I’m so proud of you sweetheart, you did such a good job….just look at those high marks of yours! I can’t afford to get you a car or anything like that….and I know you’re at a curious age. I see the way your friends look at me and over heard them calling me a milf. We have such an open trusting relationship and I’m sure you’ve always wondered what your mom looks naked. Besides I don’t even look like a typical mom, right? You told be I’m a hottie so maybe you would be interested in seeing how hot I am naked? It will be our secret, no one will find out I promise. I’ll show you my big boobs and pretty pierced pussy, teasing you…rubbing your cock and making it hard. I’ll get you ready for sex life with girls your age. You’ll be a stud and all the girls will love how sexually advanced you are!


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